Yes! The first official FishHead music video! This one is for Copper Butterfly, and it’s Coda, a hidden track written specifically for the video. Watch it on the video page. Also, STONE PONY TOMORROW!




With only 2 days until Blue Roses is released, here is another of my favorite tracks, White Elephant-an 8 minute blues jam. Also, you can now buy tickets to see me at the Stone Pony on the 31st on my bandcamp site.

So that’s that.


Thats right ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, FishHead’s debut album, “Blue Roses on the 19th Floor, is finally complete! This lo-fi disaster-piece will hit the electronic aisles of Bandcamp on Thursday, July 19th! Mark you calendars! You will not want to miss this day!

And with that bit of obligatory grandstanding aside, I’d like to just tell everyone how long it takes to make an album when you’re doing it entirely at home and with an iPad you share with several other people.

Mid-January – decide its time you left your mark on music, begin thinking about what music to include on the album.

February – Fuse and Fly are recorded.

March – Just Like Heaven is recorded after 3 weeks of trial and error.

April – The “Pianos Filled With Flames” NMH cover EP is recorded in Florida and my basement (I’ve still never got a better sound than in my Aunt and Uncle’s guest bedroom.)

Late April/Mid May – Things are kicked into high gear. All other tracks are recorded except Zacharias Pt. 1 and White Elephant. Album art ideas are imagined.

Late May/Early June – White Elephant and Zacharias Pt. 1 are both written and recorded in a day.

Late June – All songs are mixed.

July – All songs mastered. Album art completed. All songs are uploaded onto Bandcamp, and final promotion begins. Wonderwall and Just Like Heaven are replaced by (Like the) Jesus You Don’t Know and Copper Butterfly, respectivly, so as to avoid licensing fees.

So thats how long it’s taken me to create a 10 song album.

Song of the day – “Freak Scene”, Dinosaur Jr.

Stone Pony!

HUGE NEWS! I’ll be playing at the Stone Pony on July 31st, as part of their Super Tuesday showcase. Basically a battle of the bands, the winner gets to open for a national headliner. Despite having some success in such shows before (like the time I inexpicably placed 3rd in our local battle and won $50, thus becoming a “professional” musician) I doubt I’ll win…but who cares? It’s the STONE PONY PEOPLE! One of the most famous rock clubs EVER! Should prove to be alot of fun!


My favorite track from my debut album, “Blue Roses on the 19th Floor”. This one is called “Fly” (obviously.)

VMC show

Thanks to everyone who came out – and left right as I was about to go on. At least I got to mess around with Dinosaur Jr’s Freak Scene on stage, something I’d NEVER do in front if a regular audience. Also, I will hopefully have some BIG NEWS to share tonight.

Song of the day – The Great Big NO by The Lemonheads

June 26th, 8:30, VMC

FishHead Comes Alive!

Poster for the next show coming up, at the VMC in Long Valley, NJ. The Blue Roses Tour starts here!

New album SOON!

Glad to say that my debut album, “Blue Roses on the 19th Floor”, after 6 months of recording, overdubbing, and formatting, will be released sometime this summer, presumably by mid July. Music videos may follow…