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New Song!

Fight Day!

On Friday, March 1st, my new EP Fight Day will be released. It will mostly consist of songs that were too weird or didn’t fit with the complete album coming out at the end of the year.

The catch is that ONLY ONE COPY WILL BE SOLD. ONE PHYSICAL COPY. This copy will consist of the CD and other pointless things like a letter, a stress release kit and a signed picture of a random person. It will go on sale on my bandcamp site at exactly 7 PM, and he following day, the album will be available for free download on the same site.


bandcamp site –

New Music-minus video, artwork!

Don’t you just want to live vicariously through it?

Big news today!

We now have a new video on YouTube, containing a new song, Seagull, which is a field recorded instrumental, which means that both the musical and audio quality are akin to that of a Doberman rubbing its face against a wall! Yeah for lo-fi! Also, in the video and in this post, you will find the artwork for the next album, Margalo! Isn’t your life great? The video (also found under the video tab)

New Music Video!

New video today! This one’s for a sound collage I made last night! If the video seems herky jerky, that’s because it’s actually made of about 300 pictures I took this afternoon! Enjoy!

New Playlists!

I recently found some footage from the Stone Pony show, and will be putting it on the youtube page in the upcoming few weeks. I also plan on putting all of Blue Roses on youtube, either as just a song, or a music video. In other news, I’ve now written about or so songs to pick and choose from for the upcoming album, currently named “Thousand”, and recording is set to commence immediatlly after Christmas. If you’ve ever heard the NMH song “Naomi”… that’s the type of sound we’re going for this time around.
So yeah. That’s that.
Oh wait. I forgot something. Oh ya.

New Facebook Page!

Good news! We got a Facebook page! Yes! Like our page so that when we copy and paste it in the future, it’s not a string of numbers but a URL!

Click here for the new page!

Zacharias, Pt. 1 Video!

Big news today! The new video for Zacharias, Pt. 1 came out today! It’s a bit of a weird one, but we were picking apples and everything was pretty so I made a video in 20 minutes! Also, the Blue Roses on the 19th Floor cd is now ready for purchase on my bandcamp site! Check it out if you like holding music and glory in your hands!


So as you all know, Blue Roses came out a little more then a month ago. Therefore, I think it’s time that we make it available in CD form, no? All the cds will be packaged by the lovely staff of 6 here at Gilded Talking Box Machine, and will be sold through the bandcamp site. CD’s will include the disk (obviously) a 4 page liner notes booklet, and the case. No, there will be no center gatefolds with origami unicorns exploding from pigs.

Oh, and the release date has not yet been set. We’ll let you know when it comes out.



You better avoid those edges.

So, dual meaning to this post. The first is to post the picture for my fantasy football team so I can use it (YA! FINK PLOYD FTW!) The second is to announce that work has begun on the next album, and that I plan for it to be a double album, Colour, with one side being called Little Match Girl, and the other being called Number Stations. Currently recorded songs include Little Match Girl, Metronome, Glass and Glue, Queen of the Underworld, Feathers, and The Coil Unravels. The current release date is being set for Christmas day either this year or next. So…ya. See ya.